Mar 14

Refresh your closet, refresh your brand

Spring is trying really hard to come out from the Winter Cave where it has been hiding the past few months, at least here in NYC! We are so excited to be changing over our wardrobe for ourselves and our clients, to get rid of all those layers we needed during the polar vortex.

We are also excited to be changing our look here at the IRC. You may have noticed color changes and logo changes.  Yes, rebranding is in process. More news on that will be shared later on.

For now I want to focus on you, your business success and all of the opportunities that Spring  presents us for our new and recurring clients. When new clients show up, they often have unique and intriguing issues (one of the many reason Image Consulting never gets old to us!).

A little background-  In my rebranding process, I chose to take a hard and deep look at what I  was doing to create the business I really wanted.  In asking myself the questions, I realize that I had created results I no longer wanted now.  I had created results that I used to want. As we know, times change, fashions change and so do goals. Thus the rebranding and the redesign of all my programs. It’s all good because I am moving forward.

 I bring this up because people think that because I helped found an industry, an international association (AICI), and because I have trained thousands of consultants worldwide that I automatically know all the answers.  NOPE. What I do have is clear vision, the ability to change and the humility to know when I cannot do it all alone. And it is with the support of a special team of what I call my ‘guiding lights’ that letting go of non productive choices took place.  That team includes a coach, consultants, teachers, trainers, friends and my amazing clients and graduates who teach me every day.

Why a I sharing this with you?  I share it because there is no reason to struggle, at least alone.  All the resources we need are there in front of us and 

sometimes we cannot see them.  You know the expression of “can’t see the forest through the trees”.  Yep, I’ve been there and done that.  So let’s see how we can create each of our business successes together.  It has always been my philosophy that when you are successful then I am.  This is why I train and coach others and why your success is 

important to me.  And this is why I continue to share with you when I have overcome some obstacle or made it through a cloudy intersection.

In Springtime the air is more clear, flowers popping up and it is easier to be lightened up. I actually think we can see solutions more clearly.  I wish you continued success and both a colorful and profitable Spring.

To your success!

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