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Are your clients sharing amazing stories about you to their friends?

We all live to hear our clients share their image success stories to their friends.

• “WOW! What an amazing experience! I never knew how much there was to know about clothing!
• My consultant, made it so simple and fun to learn!
• It’s so great to have everything in my closet make me look fit and fabulous.
• It is so much easier to get dressed every day. Working with my consultant was so worth the money. I see the results every day when I get dressed. And because I know it all works for me I am so much more confident.

Are your clients making these kinds of statements about your work?
I hope so. If you are anything like me, these types of client stories are what fuels me to do the work that I do as a professional image consultant, coach and as a trainer. The more I hear it the more I know they will refer additional clients. This is why I’ve adopted 4 key steps in my practice

If this is your end goal how’d you like to know the steps to make it happen?

Over the years I figured out that just because I was great at color and connecting with clients that this was not enough to insure that they got what they wanted and that there would be more clients following them. Yes, they often called me their Image Magician. It’s only success if by knowing what you did right you can keep on doing it and thereby recreate that success repeatedly.

Having successful client results comes from 4 key elements:

1) your image consulting skills, 2) your ability to figure out what your client wants and needs, 3) your ability to design your services to solve your client’s problems and, 4) your ability to market to your ideal clients.

Sounds simple?
Actually it is. Take the following quiz to check your rating-

Image Skills to Services POP Quiz

At what stage are your skills?
A-Just starting out
B- I’ve tested out my skills on practice clients but I’m not sure yet
C- I’m pretty confident in them

How do you really know what your client wants?
A- I kind of wing it and follow their lead and go with the flow
B- I have a questionnaire I give them but they don’t always tell me everything I need to know
C- I’ve got a routine that works for me and clients tell me so

How do you know your services are right for your clients?
A- I had not thought of it that way
B- I think so, they seem to like the sessions
C- They tell me so all the time

Are you getting consistent repeat client sessions?
A- I’m only just getting started, it’s too soon to measure
B- I’ve been trying different sales tricks and working it out
C- I have a marketing system in place and I see consistent results

If most of your answers are C then whatever you are doing is great. Congratulations and keep it up!

If most of your answers are A or B then you may benefit from a structured path that leads you more directly to greater success with more predictable results.

If you would like to Transform Your Image Consulting Skills into More Marketable Services So You Can Impact More People, Grow Your Business More Quickly & Make a Lot More Money, All you need is 6 weeks!

Join me for the Skills to Services On-Demand Training & Coaching Forum from the convenience of your home.

Over the years, I have found that the secret to my success with clients is to first know and be absolutely certain, without a doubt, as to my clients’ goals and expectations. Then, I could provide them with the services they need. It’s a unique partner dynamic that when you have it, you are so much more effective in the end and helps you to become their Image Magician.

I developed a special method for finding out just about everything you would want to know in about 15 minutes. It’s called the Q-Cat. Client Assessment Technique!

The next challenge I’ve observed is that consultants often don’t know if the client was really pleased and got what was expected. Clients don’t give us feedback on “how did I do?”

The s2s program has this built into the structure. In addition to learning and applying the skills of diagnosing people on test clients, you get to be part of the group coaching sessions where you get to check in and get direct feedback from me as your coach and my amazing team. Call it a live virtual classroom and our private coaching and connection community.

When you register you get immediate access to the private group coaching forum.
Let’s get started and get your business revved up for greater success and fun.

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