Sep 06

When to take different action to get different results.

The wisdom and experience of others is invaluable in life and in business.  For years I’ve been delivering training and programs to image consultants, entrepreneurs and men and women professionals.

Because I reached a pinnacle of success it was easy for me to forget to look and see if I needed to make any changes.  You could say that I became very comfortable in my training routine.  After all, if it isn’t broken why take the time to try to fix it.

I don’t want to say that things were broken.  But my deep rooted habits made me restless and I started to look and see what other results I could be producing and it was through the help of coaching and colleagues that I got myself to a point where I could actually step away, look at the new end results I wanted for my clients and students.  This is what propelled me to make all the program and marketing shifts over the past year.

I am forever grateful to all those in my support teams for their wisdom and their direct honesty with me.  The testimony is in the responses i am already receiving to the new program delivery format, and it has only been a few weeks

It is so easy to fall into a routine and stick with it.  It can be uncomfortable to let go and make changes because the process and results are foreign.  The  end result for me is liberation and a renewed connection to being an inspiration.

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