Sep 06

Jump off or Jump In (and not the swimming pool)

On the calendar summer actually runs until September 21st.  However, for most of us we had to say goodbye to swimming pools, beaches, lakes and the other fun things we may have enjoyed with friends and family over the past two months.  I hope it was a time where you were able to recharge your batteries.  Being away does wonders to our perspective when we can take the time to really step back and refocus.  Too many people do not do it thoroughly and enough.

Now that we are back to the routines of kids in school, job schedules resumed, have you jumped back into your image business routine?  When the temperature changes then clients become ready to swap their closets.  Anticipate those needs and put your marketing communications out there.  Better yet, plant the seeds for them and create the need and want by writing about the change of seasons, style trend shifts and the issues that resonate for your client.  Our clients may not yet have jumped out of their Summer mindsets.  It is up to us to help them jump back into the swing. Clients will want to have their wardrobes support their Fall goals and events.

To do that here are some easy steps to help you jump in:

  1. Identify what is most relevant to your clients’ immediate image needs. (fashion updates, closet changeover, career shift?) What‘s on their mind these days?
  2. Determine an offer that would most appeal to your clients  now.  (an image update session, a shop the closet package, color update for trends)
  3. Map out the details of the offer- how long, how much, any takeaways?
  4. Let them know about it using your stay-in-touch (SIT) system. (if you don’t have a SIT system then this is what you should be working on.)
  5. Lastly, give them a By-When time incentive to sign up for your offer.  Deadlines work.

Coming back from a summer vacation is the hardest to recover from for us and for our clients.  We need to shift our own mindset from that of rest and relaxation to revving up the marketing engine.  Leading our clients requires that we lead with informed action.  As always, chunk down your goals and tasks by looking at now versus later.  This will always minimize the overwhelm.

Good luck with your plans. And, by all means, stay in touch with me!


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