Sep 06

Tips and Tricks – Juggling the Day Job While Growing Your Image Business

This is one of the biggest challenges that newer consultants share with me.  When they start putting their businesses in motion they are suddenly hit with the reality of “how do I juggle starting a new business with a full time “day” job? There is so much to do.  And then, if you have kids and family the thought of being Super Mom, Super Entrepreneur becomes daunting.

Yes, there is a way through this and here is how you manage the process.  Notice I did not say a way “out” of it. I am all about the reality. Eyes wide open!

When you hit a roadblock or obstacle, ask yourself, what do I want more, the excitement and rewards of my own image consulting practice, that pays me and provides me with opportunities to transform people’s live through their image?  Or, would I rather remain the same, and settle for the status quo?

If you ask yourself the question your answer may surprise you and let it.  Maybe you are perfectly Ok with offering free advice to your friends and family. If you know that in your heart of hearts that you have amazing value to offer and that this value should be paid for, then you may want to reconcile yourself with the challenges at hand.

I find that when we forget that we have chosen the entrepreneur as the designated path that this is when we will feel the stress points.

Personally, when I am connected to my end goal my end result, via my passion, then the steps and journey to get there  are much less of a concern.  The steps become details on my path to reach my end goal.

Now I do not suggest that you neglect your family, your children, significant other and paying work responsibilities.  I do suggest that you reconsider your resentment to the thought you have that they are your obstacle.

Another suggestion is to map out your steps to reach your image business goals, and put time frames on them.  Decide what you need to do and by when.  Share these steps with those close to you and perhaps you may find additional support from people and places that may surprise you.  You may create your own Growth Support Team.  People generally love to be a part of other people’s growth and development.  You are allowing them to contribute to you and your dreams.

Doing this basically transforms the relationship you have to what you thought was the obstacle (family, work, kids etc.) and converting them to being a part of the solution.  Try it out and see how it works for you.

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