Mar 29

How a good coach and the right coach make a difference.

When I first started out I knew very little about business and thought, “OK, I better hire a business coach.” Keep in mind that at that time there were no pioneers to mentor me. I was that pioneer.

I had a business coach who snowed me with so much data that I became overwhelmed to the point that I thought I was the problem. I did not know enough, or, I was a slow learner, and even had the thought, “maybe I am not cut out for this business.”

Good thing I did not listen to those voices or else we’d not be having this little conversation.  I wish I had known how to pace myself  (and my client work).

I have since learned that there is a time and place and pacing that is critical to setting us up for success. Getting blasted with all the data, tools, techniques, systems when I was not ready for them ended up being counter productive.

It is for this exact reason that I have shifted how I am coaching my clients and students today. My new approach lays out both the skills and business building processes to set everyone up for greater success.

It has only taken me 30 years to figure it out. But at least I did. True to my nature, I am at least steady.

I am now focused on the process itself as well as the end goal of my clients. In my coaching or training I consider the best pace that will help them to succeed longer term.

When you are working with your clients observe how much they can absorb at a time. Many lose focus after an hour to 90 minutes. For these you will want to schedule their sessions in shorter nuggets and give them ways to process the details over time and multiple sessions. This turns into an opportunity to cultivate longer term client relationships.

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