Jan 16

How a Dream Client Potentially Derailed My Business

It was going to be a great year.  I had written my goals, set my vision, written up a marketing plan, and was taking action.  Everything was going according to plan when my dream client project practically fell into my lap.  This was going to be a big project.  I saw the $$ and got really excited.  I was on my way.

I recognized immediately in the initial sales conversations that this company had a problem which training solution was right up my alley.  The project was fabulous, the client was thrilled with the results, but after 4 months of working on their corporate program, it was time to get back to what I had started at the beginning of the year.  Sounds easy?  Yes, but no.

My  serious error in judgment was that during the 4 months I worked on the “dream client” project,  I put all my labor resources into one bucket.  This meant that all the other marketing activities that had been started earlier were now interrupted.

This may not seem like a big deal but the consequence was that while my whole team was focused on delivering results to our dream client, we dropped the ball on sales and marketing.  We had lost our momentum.

If I had known then what I discovered later  is that I should have hired outside assistance for either the project or sales so that we could have kept our momentum moving forward and sales would not have suffered in the months following the project.




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