Mar 29

When do you pass it on?

I have always been someone who wants to do it all. Mostly because I am great at “fixing” things- appliances, people conflicts, goal and project mappings, as well as the stuck places that other people get themselves into. It is a great gift and it is also a curse, because I tend to get myself into too many projects at the same time mostly because I know how.

That is one of the perennial challenges for us all, to know just when do we pass on a project or activity to someone else. We should pass it on not because we cannot do it but because we should not be doing “that thing”. This is because there is something else that will bring us a greater return on the precious time we spend.

What activities bring in the most revenue and rewards? What can someone else do that, by passing it on would free you up? For me writing and coaching is more valuable than cleaning my apartment. I know how to clean my apartment but it makes more sense to have someone else do it.

What can you pass on so that your time is freed up? Make a list of what you would otherwise be able to do with that time.  Time is money and time helps us make money.

balance of time and money

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