Jan 15

“Getting Out of the Gate – How to Get Unstuck”

You have the basics you that you need to be a great Image Consultant.  You have the training.  You even have a certificate!  So why is your business not “taking off?”  Why do you feel stuck or like you are driving in neutral?  Or worse, driving with the breaks on? Why  are you  doubting your ability to do a great job?   If  this sounds  familiar,  you are not alone.  There is hope!  I’ve been there myself and learned how to get myself out of it.

I’ve seen so many new consultants find themselves agonizing over the fact that they do not know where to start to find new clients and they certainly aren’t sure how to “close the deal” when they do find a prospect.  When I’ve been there I’ve had to get myself back into a positive mindset.  When you can face the fact and acknowledge the obstacle that is the first step to putting you and your business into a forward motion.

Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult.  All you need to do is follow these three basic guidelines and you will find that you are getting “unstuck” and your business will start taking off.

1.   Begin with the end– Revisit why you embarked on this professional path. What attracted you to the image profession to begin with? You might have started with an end goal in mind such as helping graduates land their first job, or moms get back to work, or executives obtain a promotion.  Something propelled you to embark on this path and along the way you may have lost touch with the feeling that got you all jazzed to begin with.  Most likely if you revisit your vision you will start reconnecting to your original passions.  Don’t underestimate the power of personal passion as a propeller.

2.  Take inventory of your personal strengths, all of them. I find that consultants who are stuck have forgotten that they are  brilliant and  know so much more than their clients.  Make a list of those strengths.  If you have the Perfect Fit book, there is a section on page 25 that reminds you of the many skills and talents that you may have.  Make a list of them and post it on your mirror or closet door. We boost the ego of our clients by teaching them tools and techniques to manage their image.  Well, guess what, we need to do the same for ourselves.

3.  Be crystal clear as to why your clients are using your services (or need to). What are they seeking? A new look?  A self esteem boost?  A promotion? To celebrate?  When you recognize the challenges they may be experiencing and what the impact would be if they were to  stay the same, it becomes easier to be in touch with your value and contribution to them.

4 Surround yourself with positive people.  You would be surprised at how one negative or doubtful comment can send you into a zone of self deprecation.  When you have supportive people in your inner circle you will find yourself being validated and uplifted.  It may be time to clean house, not only of any “junk” but also of people who do not necessarily have your best interests at heart.  Especially since we are in a “giving” profession it is essential for us to build into our routines and lifestyles ways to recharge our batteries.

It is time to start moving forward and make 2013 your best year ever!  Don’t let you be your biggest obstacle.


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