Jan 15

“Marketing Tips and Tricks – Don’t Leave Money on the Table”

Need some cash now!  Let’s face it we all do!  There are many things image consultants can do to enhance our service offerings and bring in more money.  One technique that has been highly successful for me is to offer a bonus when investing in a package -they get one free item if they buy two services.  Everyone wants something free.  Here are three examples of other bonus offerings I have used:

ONE – Offer a one-hour phone consultation or a Skype update or check-in session.  In addition to it being a bonus, the extra session serves to reinforce the content of the prior sessions, thereby deepening or even increasing its value.  After all, if the client can better apply and utilize your recommended guidelines, then the session is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

TWO – Sell two sessions with the third being Free, This has also worked for gift certificates- “Buy two. Get one free.”  However, be careful when selling your services as a gift because sometimes the giver is well intended but may not have the best way of presenting it.  Gift Certificates work  best with Color Analysis session because they are less invasive, more fun and there is a universal curiosity about out “our best colors.”   When a person receives a gift certificate for an Image Makeover there is an immediate presumption that the giver thinks there is something wrong with them.

THREE Create a digital report of a closet session by mapping out a wardrobe plan for your clients.  This is great because it helps them remember all the possibilities.  Try taking pictures of the outfits you’ve assembled and add a written list of each of the events to which your client can wear those outfits. Use your smart phone, iphone or tablet. Let them know that after this promotion, there is a fee for this additional service (digital report).

Yes, it may cost you time to organize and format the photos but remember that the purpose of “added value” is to give our clients a real incentive for something we know that they want.  It is always better to offer “an added bonus” than to call something a “sale” or “discount.”   We want to earn the trust from our clients that we are the right service provider for them.

For new clients, it gives them a tasting. For existing ones, it appears as a thank you gift.   Marketing is about positioning and perceptions. As Image Professionals we master perceptions and teach our clients how to do the same.

Happy selling and send me your top 2 promotional incentives!



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