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I often hear from students in my classes- “Oh color is so “80’s”, the Seasons system is passé, clients today want to be individualistic and not follow a rigid system.”

Well, sure, if you look at it that way, with a narrow filter.


The answer to that statement, is yes, it is relevant, and mostly because of how we make it so.  It starts with us and how we view color as being important, relevant, modern or not at all.  Because that is what our clients will more likely subscribe to.


For example, if my client sees me as her professional image and style coach and then I say to her, “oh, we don’t need to follow a color system, you can wear any color you feel like”.  The message she hears is that color is not important. At the same time she is left to her own to figure it out.


I, of course, believe that color has a deep impact on a person’s self-image, confidence and can be used to impact interpersonal relations, position someone for a promotion or attract the right people.  And of course, working with a color palette, or even simple color families can save loads of time coordinating.  And for many time equals money.


And speaking of money, color can be one of your attractor factors.  I’ve observed that a person who is not  ready to dive into an image make over is more likely to be open to get an image tasting with color.  It is fun, they are curious and it is easy for them to see the results and benefits immediately.  Color is also a great marketing tool when speaking to small groups on professional presence or even dating.  When well done the audience can see the differences immediately and therefore makes it a smooth segue to promoting other services.


Fashion has to change.  It’s the nature of the business and it’s the culture of the industry.  Even though it changes designers continue to use principles of art and science to innovate new designs. Color is one of those principles. And the art and science of color analysis is also used accordingly.


When I’m training consultants to use color masterfully, we go beyond the analysis and explore how clients can use their colors to :  save time, coordinate more quickly, communicate with color, gain respect, increase confidence and attract the right people for business or social success and more.  When we emphasize those benefits then promoting color  is far from being passé.  I’ve always found people fascinated by color and curious to know their own best colors.  Fashion colors will come in and out.  A person’s best colors remain a lifetime investment.


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