Oct 23

Up in the air. 5 months and 7 trips later…and now back on track… sort of. Be careful what you ask for

Tokyo, London, Belgium, Boca Raton, Washington DC, Paris and Belgium again.

Sounds exciting? Yes and no.


In January I kick started my year with a clear intention- to increase my corporate work with travel opportunities and include vacation.  So what’s the problem, you may ask?  Little did I know how real this was to become.  Setting the intention, started the process, declaring it (to me and others) followed by being open and thirdly making changes and taking some actions. I didn’t even do a lot.


Sounds simple? Again, yes and no.

Yes- these 3 steps set me in motion

No- I left out a few important details… that maybe 7 trips in 5 months might be too many.  Hence, be careful what you ask for.


I am very grateful that the “universe” heard me and provided. There were consequences, lessons learned and some really cool benefits.

Consequences: cannot be away and here.  Yes, virtual access is great but someone needs to mind the proverbial store.  The admin to-do list can multiply in size like amoebas and easily get out of control.

Lessons:  Be super clear with all the details when you ask for something.  Include what you want, how you want it and don’t forget what you don’t want. Lessons can be good too, such as realizing how powerful we can be at manifesting things when we are in alignment with ourselves, our higher purpose and also our actions.  Map out the “What if”s so that when the clearly laid out intention kicks in there is a catcher’s mitt to receive. That might mean strengthening systems (or creating one), expanding the tea m to name a few.

Benefits: for me traveling expands my horizons and at the same time grounds me in myself.  Working on a global training project where I hear the positive feedback and actually see results is the most validating reward while fueling me onward. Oh, yes, airline mileage is good too.  At the top of my list is Satisfaction.


I’m using the last few months left for this year to re align, clean up what was left unfinished and clarify my next intentions.  My goals have not actually changed because of a few lessons learned.  In my case refining is very likely going to take me up to another level.  I invite you to join me in doing the same.  There is no better time to start something as the present.


All the best to your success,

Dominque Isbecque


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