Mar 14

The Biggest Fear and the Greatest Opportunity

Yes, my friends, it is speaking and selling.

 We have wonderful products, are amazing coaches and consultants providing clients with truly transformational services.  We know we are great because clients tell us.  So why do we stop in our tracks when it comes to that horrible word….SELLING??  and SPEAKING?

We could go into a litany of reasons that are not for this time and place.

 That’s a book and I’ve not yet written it. You’ll come up with fear, you don’t like your voice, Nervous Nelly, sweaty hands and so on.  The main thing is to first recognize what is the consequence to your business and your life to allowing this to remain an obstacle?

I can talk about it openly because I was one who hated to speak in groups and was mortified.  I managed to work through it over time with the help of some coaches, clear techniques that worked and believing in myself.  The strongest catalyst that propelled me was the simple desire to have more in my life.  More success in business and social relationships, and ultimately more fun and a desire

What’s on the other side of that wall is an experience of freedom and liberation that I wish for everyone.  The good news is that there is hope and help.  My 3-day program, APIC, Advanced Professional Image Communication is designed for both people who are uncomfortable selling and those who want to have a formula that helps them do it effectively and authentically.  It is learning to sell without ever selling to someone.  to be free of that fear.


Effective image consultants make sales by identifying needs

and solving client problems.

 Communication builds relationships.

Relationships bring referrals

It is a learnable skill and in

less time than you think.

For details about A.P.I.C. contact us and we’ll set up an info chat to explore your best next steps.

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