Mar 14

Five tips to working with men in your image business

Whether your ideal clients are men or women, there are steps we can take to tailor our services to them and give them the personal attention that will have them coming back every season. Often times image consultants have trouble translating their image consulting services from women to men. Here are some tips to help you achieve greater success (and profit) with your male clients: 

Men clients


  • Menswear is about rules. Womens wear is about self expression or status. Always have the rules on hand to inform and enlighten your male clients.  Selling and keeping a client is much easier when they are impressed by your knowledge and care and when you provide them with the rationale behind the recommendations.  It’s not about your opinions or good taste.  It’s because of strategy, purpose and logic.
  • Men expect to tailor their clothing. Women do not. Give specific directions about what and where to tailor garments. He will thank you.
  •  Balance and focal points and line directions not only apply to jewerly & open necklines. Show a man his balance points on the opening of his jacket or his button down and which collars work for his features. He’ll be impressed that the smallest detail that can bring positive attention to him, rather than distract, or worse yet, compete.
  • Textures, Patterns, and Colors give him creative freedom whether he’s a social worker or a CEO. Show him how to use these tools on his tie and pocket square.
  • Engineer a pitch statement specifically for male clients. Fashion may not pique his interest, but the ability to use clothing to get what they want anytime, anywhere will definitely seduce him.  Word choices can make or break it.  Use words that are familiar to his world of power, game plan, influence, strategies and winning.  Be clear, concise and communicate for a purpose.

These are just a few of the topics we address in the Menswear Primer Class designed to give you all the foundations to developing a male market clientele.  If you’re thinking of adding men clients to your funnel, contact us for more details at    info@ircny.com

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