Mar 14

Pot of Gold, the Leprachan and Creating Magic

Where’s your Pot-o-Gold Coming from?

And how do you keep it filling up is the more important question?  

 Maybe the Leprachan does have magic.  That would be really cool but if you know anything about the Leprechan he is not reliable, can be a trickster and often not consistent!  Not a good way to predictably drive your business to success.  I’ve personally seen many magical results in my life and I did not need to make a deal with the little imp in the green suit and so can you.  I’ve seem many a consultant who starts out with really great intentions and then waits for the clients to show up. You too can create magical results with vision, a plan and the skills to support it.

When new clients do come through your door, be ready with Marketing Systems, the go-to Sales Pitch, Social Media platforms, and of course, your handy dandy color tools. It’s crucial to have our technical image skills sharp, so that we can give our clients the best service possible, BUT! One thing that often takes a backseat to the skills are all the systems that allow us to:

1)attract your ideal clients
2) use your skills in your services
3) nurture them to be recurring clients
4)  Keep the Pot of Gold Filling and Flowing  

Below are SIX tips to help you improve your systems in order to expand your client base with an efficient client capture system and strategic consulting success:

  1. Start by getting into your clients’ heads to truly understand them, their needs, their wants, their challenges and heartfelt goals.  Be clear how your service will make a difference in their life and the problem it solves. From this you can formulate your services in the context of solutions to their problems
  2. Do you have CRM for your leads and contacts and what will you use to attract them to your website and your services?
  3. Re Social Media- use multiple Social Media platforms daily. Just because you prefer a certain one, doesn’t mean your client prefers the same.
  4. Consistent actions produce consistent results. Whether you post on your blog daily, weekly, or monthly, make an honest commitment to yourself about when you can realistically do it…and get it done!
  5. Be clear about who your ideal client is. When you work with people you don’t want to work with, it can distract you from going after the things and people you really want. The wrong clients can cost you energy, time, self esteem and other resources.
  6. This seems like a no-brainer, but always remember! Your personal image is a reflection of your business and your value. Make sure you show people what you’re worth and that they should invest in your talents and abilities because you solve their problems.


These are just a few of the steps to take to create magical results in your business.  Be clear, Be consistent and have Conviction.

For more information about growing your image consulting business contact us at   info@ircny.com.  We’d love to set up an exploratory chat with you to help you with your next steps.  Or call at 212 268-9778


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