Oct 10

Mindset and a Leap of Faith

I’ve always known and experienced that a strong passion for a dream or vision coupled with action creates reality. It’s a surefire recipe that almost always works. Delicious. I’ve applied it and manifested amazing clients, attracted travel projects to exciting places, and had the opportunity to coach and train image consultants, many of whom have gone on to do great things themselves.
Now that sounds so simple and what I’ve recently learned is another ingredient far more powerful to add to an already good recipe, and that is mindset. Yes, that one word did not have such impact on me until I took a leap of faith myself and put it all together. It’s not the word but the actions I took that put everything into motion. Don’t get me wrong, the passion and the action steps are mobilizing in and of themselves. If not, I would not have been successful at manifesting so many of my dreams as I have.
By changing my mindset, and I mean really letting an old one go to make room for a new one, allowed me to take a leap of faith and jump off that cliff that I had been standing on for quite some time. I resisted it but then, all of a sudden, I just decided to let go of the reason “why not” to allow energy for a new reality to be welcomed. I have to say it is the most liberating experience I have had since I parachuted from an airplane 30 years ago. All I can say is WOW! and I recommend it to everyone.

I’m just getting a handle on this and as I get more clarity as to how to better harness the power of mindset just stay tuned…

Status update

I often hear from students in my classes- “Oh color is so “80’s”, the Seasons system is passé, clients today want to be individualistic and not follow a rigid system.”

Well, sure, if you look at it that way, with a narrow filter.


The answer to that statement, is yes, it is relevant, and mostly because of how we make it so.  It starts with us and how we view color as being important, relevant, modern or not at all.  Because that is what our clients will more likely subscribe to.


For example, if my client sees me as her professional image and style coach and then I say to her, “oh, we don’t need to follow a color system, you can wear any color you feel like”.  The message she hears is that color is not important. At the same time she is left to her own to figure it out.


I, of course, believe that color has a deep impact on a person’s self-image, confidence and can be used to impact interpersonal relations, position someone for a promotion or attract the right people.  And of course, working with a color palette, or even simple color families can save loads of time coordinating.  And for many time equals money.


And speaking of money, color can be one of your attractor factors.  I’ve observed that a person who is not  ready to dive into an image make over is more likely to be open to get an image tasting with color.  It is fun, they are curious and it is easy for them to see the results and benefits immediately.  Color is also a great marketing tool when speaking to small groups on professional presence or even dating.  When well done the audience can see the differences immediately and therefore makes it a smooth segue to promoting other services.


Fashion has to change.  It’s the nature of the business and it’s the culture of the industry.  Even though it changes designers continue to use principles of art and science to innovate new designs. Color is one of those principles. And the art and science of color analysis is also used accordingly.


When I’m training consultants to use color masterfully, we go beyond the analysis and explore how clients can use their colors to :  save time, coordinate more quickly, communicate with color, gain respect, increase confidence and attract the right people for business or social success and more.  When we emphasize those benefits then promoting color  is far from being passé.  I’ve always found people fascinated by color and curious to know their own best colors.  Fashion colors will come in and out.  A person’s best colors remain a lifetime investment.


Oct 23

Up in the air. 5 months and 7 trips later…and now back on track… sort of. Be careful what you ask for

Tokyo, London, Belgium, Boca Raton, Washington DC, Paris and Belgium again.

Sounds exciting? Yes and no.


In January I kick started my year with a clear intention- to increase my corporate work with travel opportunities and include vacation.  So what’s the problem, you may ask?  Little did I know how real this was to become.  Setting the intention, started the process, declaring it (to me and others) followed by being open and thirdly making changes and taking some actions. I didn’t even do a lot.


Sounds simple? Again, yes and no.

Yes- these 3 steps set me in motion

No- I left out a few important details… that maybe 7 trips in 5 months might be too many.  Hence, be careful what you ask for.


I am very grateful that the “universe” heard me and provided. There were consequences, lessons learned and some really cool benefits.

Consequences: cannot be away and here.  Yes, virtual access is great but someone needs to mind the proverbial store.  The admin to-do list can multiply in size like amoebas and easily get out of control.

Lessons:  Be super clear with all the details when you ask for something.  Include what you want, how you want it and don’t forget what you don’t want. Lessons can be good too, such as realizing how powerful we can be at manifesting things when we are in alignment with ourselves, our higher purpose and also our actions.  Map out the “What if”s so that when the clearly laid out intention kicks in there is a catcher’s mitt to receive. That might mean strengthening systems (or creating one), expanding the tea m to name a few.

Benefits: for me traveling expands my horizons and at the same time grounds me in myself.  Working on a global training project where I hear the positive feedback and actually see results is the most validating reward while fueling me onward. Oh, yes, airline mileage is good too.  At the top of my list is Satisfaction.


I’m using the last few months left for this year to re align, clean up what was left unfinished and clarify my next intentions.  My goals have not actually changed because of a few lessons learned.  In my case refining is very likely going to take me up to another level.  I invite you to join me in doing the same.  There is no better time to start something as the present.


All the best to your success,

Dominque Isbecque


Mar 14

The Biggest Fear and the Greatest Opportunity

Yes, my friends, it is speaking and selling.

 We have wonderful products, are amazing coaches and consultants providing clients with truly transformational services.  We know we are great because clients tell us.  So why do we stop in our tracks when it comes to that horrible word….SELLING??  and SPEAKING?

We could go into a litany of reasons that are not for this time and place.

 That’s a book and I’ve not yet written it. You’ll come up with fear, you don’t like your voice, Nervous Nelly, sweaty hands and so on.  The main thing is to first recognize what is the consequence to your business and your life to allowing this to remain an obstacle?

I can talk about it openly because I was one who hated to speak in groups and was mortified.  I managed to work through it over time with the help of some coaches, clear techniques that worked and believing in myself.  The strongest catalyst that propelled me was the simple desire to have more in my life.  More success in business and social relationships, and ultimately more fun and a desire

What’s on the other side of that wall is an experience of freedom and liberation that I wish for everyone.  The good news is that there is hope and help.  My 3-day program, APIC, Advanced Professional Image Communication is designed for both people who are uncomfortable selling and those who want to have a formula that helps them do it effectively and authentically.  It is learning to sell without ever selling to someone.  to be free of that fear.


Effective image consultants make sales by identifying needs

and solving client problems.

 Communication builds relationships.

Relationships bring referrals

It is a learnable skill and in

less time than you think.

For details about A.P.I.C. contact us and we’ll set up an info chat to explore your best next steps.

212 268-9778


Mar 14

Five tips to working with men in your image business

Whether your ideal clients are men or women, there are steps we can take to tailor our services to them and give them the personal attention that will have them coming back every season. Often times image consultants have trouble translating their image consulting services from women to men. Here are some tips to help you achieve greater success (and profit) with your male clients: 

Men clients


  • Menswear is about rules. Womens wear is about self expression or status. Always have the rules on hand to inform and enlighten your male clients.  Selling and keeping a client is much easier when they are impressed by your knowledge and care and when you provide them with the rationale behind the recommendations.  It’s not about your opinions or good taste.  It’s because of strategy, purpose and logic.
  • Men expect to tailor their clothing. Women do not. Give specific directions about what and where to tailor garments. He will thank you.
  •  Balance and focal points and line directions not only apply to jewerly & open necklines. Show a man his balance points on the opening of his jacket or his button down and which collars work for his features. He’ll be impressed that the smallest detail that can bring positive attention to him, rather than distract, or worse yet, compete.
  • Textures, Patterns, and Colors give him creative freedom whether he’s a social worker or a CEO. Show him how to use these tools on his tie and pocket square.
  • Engineer a pitch statement specifically for male clients. Fashion may not pique his interest, but the ability to use clothing to get what they want anytime, anywhere will definitely seduce him.  Word choices can make or break it.  Use words that are familiar to his world of power, game plan, influence, strategies and winning.  Be clear, concise and communicate for a purpose.

These are just a few of the topics we address in the Menswear Primer Class designed to give you all the foundations to developing a male market clientele.  If you’re thinking of adding men clients to your funnel, contact us for more details at    info@ircny.com

Mar 14

Pot of Gold, the Leprachan and Creating Magic

Where’s your Pot-o-Gold Coming from?

And how do you keep it filling up is the more important question?  

 Maybe the Leprachan does have magic.  That would be really cool but if you know anything about the Leprechan he is not reliable, can be a trickster and often not consistent!  Not a good way to predictably drive your business to success.  I’ve personally seen many magical results in my life and I did not need to make a deal with the little imp in the green suit and so can you.  I’ve seem many a consultant who starts out with really great intentions and then waits for the clients to show up. You too can create magical results with vision, a plan and the skills to support it.

When new clients do come through your door, be ready with Marketing Systems, the go-to Sales Pitch, Social Media platforms, and of course, your handy dandy color tools. It’s crucial to have our technical image skills sharp, so that we can give our clients the best service possible, BUT! One thing that often takes a backseat to the skills are all the systems that allow us to:

1)attract your ideal clients
2) use your skills in your services
3) nurture them to be recurring clients
4)  Keep the Pot of Gold Filling and Flowing  

Below are SIX tips to help you improve your systems in order to expand your client base with an efficient client capture system and strategic consulting success:

  1. Start by getting into your clients’ heads to truly understand them, their needs, their wants, their challenges and heartfelt goals.  Be clear how your service will make a difference in their life and the problem it solves. From this you can formulate your services in the context of solutions to their problems
  2. Do you have CRM for your leads and contacts and what will you use to attract them to your website and your services?
  3. Re Social Media- use multiple Social Media platforms daily. Just because you prefer a certain one, doesn’t mean your client prefers the same.
  4. Consistent actions produce consistent results. Whether you post on your blog daily, weekly, or monthly, make an honest commitment to yourself about when you can realistically do it…and get it done!
  5. Be clear about who your ideal client is. When you work with people you don’t want to work with, it can distract you from going after the things and people you really want. The wrong clients can cost you energy, time, self esteem and other resources.
  6. This seems like a no-brainer, but always remember! Your personal image is a reflection of your business and your value. Make sure you show people what you’re worth and that they should invest in your talents and abilities because you solve their problems.


These are just a few of the steps to take to create magical results in your business.  Be clear, Be consistent and have Conviction.

For more information about growing your image consulting business contact us at   info@ircny.com.  We’d love to set up an exploratory chat with you to help you with your next steps.  Or call at 212 268-9778


Mar 14

Refresh your closet, refresh your brand

Spring is trying really hard to come out from the Winter Cave where it has been hiding the past few months, at least here in NYC! We are so excited to be changing over our wardrobe for ourselves and our clients, to get rid of all those layers we needed during the polar vortex.

We are also excited to be changing our look here at the IRC. You may have noticed color changes and logo changes.  Yes, rebranding is in process. More news on that will be shared later on.

For now I want to focus on you, your business success and all of the opportunities that Spring  presents us for our new and recurring clients. When new clients show up, they often have unique and intriguing issues (one of the many reason Image Consulting never gets old to us!).

A little background-  In my rebranding process, I chose to take a hard and deep look at what I  was doing to create the business I really wanted.  In asking myself the questions, I realize that I had created results I no longer wanted now.  I had created results that I used to want. As we know, times change, fashions change and so do goals. Thus the rebranding and the redesign of all my programs. It’s all good because I am moving forward.

 I bring this up because people think that because I helped found an industry, an international association (AICI), and because I have trained thousands of consultants worldwide that I automatically know all the answers.  NOPE. What I do have is clear vision, the ability to change and the humility to know when I cannot do it all alone. And it is with the support of a special team of what I call my ‘guiding lights’ that letting go of non productive choices took place.  That team includes a coach, consultants, teachers, trainers, friends and my amazing clients and graduates who teach me every day.

Why a I sharing this with you?  I share it because there is no reason to struggle, at least alone.  All the resources we need are there in front of us and 

sometimes we cannot see them.  You know the expression of “can’t see the forest through the trees”.  Yep, I’ve been there and done that.  So let’s see how we can create each of our business successes together.  It has always been my philosophy that when you are successful then I am.  This is why I train and coach others and why your success is 

important to me.  And this is why I continue to share with you when I have overcome some obstacle or made it through a cloudy intersection.

In Springtime the air is more clear, flowers popping up and it is easier to be lightened up. I actually think we can see solutions more clearly.  I wish you continued success and both a colorful and profitable Spring.

To your success!

Q signat for ezines


Feb 02

Are your clients sharing amazing stories about you to their friends?

We all live to hear our clients share their image success stories to their friends.

• “WOW! What an amazing experience! I never knew how much there was to know about clothing!
• My consultant, made it so simple and fun to learn!
• It’s so great to have everything in my closet make me look fit and fabulous.
• It is so much easier to get dressed every day. Working with my consultant was so worth the money. I see the results every day when I get dressed. And because I know it all works for me I am so much more confident.

Are your clients making these kinds of statements about your work?
I hope so. If you are anything like me, these types of client stories are what fuels me to do the work that I do as a professional image consultant, coach and as a trainer. The more I hear it the more I know they will refer additional clients. This is why I’ve adopted 4 key steps in my practice

If this is your end goal how’d you like to know the steps to make it happen?

Over the years I figured out that just because I was great at color and connecting with clients that this was not enough to insure that they got what they wanted and that there would be more clients following them. Yes, they often called me their Image Magician. It’s only success if by knowing what you did right you can keep on doing it and thereby recreate that success repeatedly.

Having successful client results comes from 4 key elements:

1) your image consulting skills, 2) your ability to figure out what your client wants and needs, 3) your ability to design your services to solve your client’s problems and, 4) your ability to market to your ideal clients.

Sounds simple?
Actually it is. Take the following quiz to check your rating-

Image Skills to Services POP Quiz

At what stage are your skills?
A-Just starting out
B- I’ve tested out my skills on practice clients but I’m not sure yet
C- I’m pretty confident in them

How do you really know what your client wants?
A- I kind of wing it and follow their lead and go with the flow
B- I have a questionnaire I give them but they don’t always tell me everything I need to know
C- I’ve got a routine that works for me and clients tell me so

How do you know your services are right for your clients?
A- I had not thought of it that way
B- I think so, they seem to like the sessions
C- They tell me so all the time

Are you getting consistent repeat client sessions?
A- I’m only just getting started, it’s too soon to measure
B- I’ve been trying different sales tricks and working it out
C- I have a marketing system in place and I see consistent results

If most of your answers are C then whatever you are doing is great. Congratulations and keep it up!

If most of your answers are A or B then you may benefit from a structured path that leads you more directly to greater success with more predictable results.

If you would like to Transform Your Image Consulting Skills into More Marketable Services So You Can Impact More People, Grow Your Business More Quickly & Make a Lot More Money, All you need is 6 weeks!

Join me for the Skills to Services On-Demand Training & Coaching Forum from the convenience of your home.

Over the years, I have found that the secret to my success with clients is to first know and be absolutely certain, without a doubt, as to my clients’ goals and expectations. Then, I could provide them with the services they need. It’s a unique partner dynamic that when you have it, you are so much more effective in the end and helps you to become their Image Magician.

I developed a special method for finding out just about everything you would want to know in about 15 minutes. It’s called the Q-Cat. Client Assessment Technique!

The next challenge I’ve observed is that consultants often don’t know if the client was really pleased and got what was expected. Clients don’t give us feedback on “how did I do?”

The s2s program has this built into the structure. In addition to learning and applying the skills of diagnosing people on test clients, you get to be part of the group coaching sessions where you get to check in and get direct feedback from me as your coach and my amazing team. Call it a live virtual classroom and our private coaching and connection community.

When you register you get immediate access to the private group coaching forum.
Let’s get started and get your business revved up for greater success and fun.

Sep 06

When to take different action to get different results.

The wisdom and experience of others is invaluable in life and in business.  For years I’ve been delivering training and programs to image consultants, entrepreneurs and men and women professionals.

Because I reached a pinnacle of success it was easy for me to forget to look and see if I needed to make any changes.  You could say that I became very comfortable in my training routine.  After all, if it isn’t broken why take the time to try to fix it.

I don’t want to say that things were broken.  But my deep rooted habits made me restless and I started to look and see what other results I could be producing and it was through the help of coaching and colleagues that I got myself to a point where I could actually step away, look at the new end results I wanted for my clients and students.  This is what propelled me to make all the program and marketing shifts over the past year.

I am forever grateful to all those in my support teams for their wisdom and their direct honesty with me.  The testimony is in the responses i am already receiving to the new program delivery format, and it has only been a few weeks

It is so easy to fall into a routine and stick with it.  It can be uncomfortable to let go and make changes because the process and results are foreign.  The  end result for me is liberation and a renewed connection to being an inspiration.

Sep 06

Jump off or Jump In (and not the swimming pool)

On the calendar summer actually runs until September 21st.  However, for most of us we had to say goodbye to swimming pools, beaches, lakes and the other fun things we may have enjoyed with friends and family over the past two months.  I hope it was a time where you were able to recharge your batteries.  Being away does wonders to our perspective when we can take the time to really step back and refocus.  Too many people do not do it thoroughly and enough.

Now that we are back to the routines of kids in school, job schedules resumed, have you jumped back into your image business routine?  When the temperature changes then clients become ready to swap their closets.  Anticipate those needs and put your marketing communications out there.  Better yet, plant the seeds for them and create the need and want by writing about the change of seasons, style trend shifts and the issues that resonate for your client.  Our clients may not yet have jumped out of their Summer mindsets.  It is up to us to help them jump back into the swing. Clients will want to have their wardrobes support their Fall goals and events.

To do that here are some easy steps to help you jump in:

  1. Identify what is most relevant to your clients’ immediate image needs. (fashion updates, closet changeover, career shift?) What‘s on their mind these days?
  2. Determine an offer that would most appeal to your clients  now.  (an image update session, a shop the closet package, color update for trends)
  3. Map out the details of the offer- how long, how much, any takeaways?
  4. Let them know about it using your stay-in-touch (SIT) system. (if you don’t have a SIT system then this is what you should be working on.)
  5. Lastly, give them a By-When time incentive to sign up for your offer.  Deadlines work.

Coming back from a summer vacation is the hardest to recover from for us and for our clients.  We need to shift our own mindset from that of rest and relaxation to revving up the marketing engine.  Leading our clients requires that we lead with informed action.  As always, chunk down your goals and tasks by looking at now versus later.  This will always minimize the overwhelm.

Good luck with your plans. And, by all means, stay in touch with me!


Sep 06

Tips and Tricks – Juggling the Day Job While Growing Your Image Business

This is one of the biggest challenges that newer consultants share with me.  When they start putting their businesses in motion they are suddenly hit with the reality of “how do I juggle starting a new business with a full time “day” job? There is so much to do.  And then, if you have kids and family the thought of being Super Mom, Super Entrepreneur becomes daunting.

Yes, there is a way through this and here is how you manage the process.  Notice I did not say a way “out” of it. I am all about the reality. Eyes wide open!

When you hit a roadblock or obstacle, ask yourself, what do I want more, the excitement and rewards of my own image consulting practice, that pays me and provides me with opportunities to transform people’s live through their image?  Or, would I rather remain the same, and settle for the status quo?

If you ask yourself the question your answer may surprise you and let it.  Maybe you are perfectly Ok with offering free advice to your friends and family. If you know that in your heart of hearts that you have amazing value to offer and that this value should be paid for, then you may want to reconcile yourself with the challenges at hand.

I find that when we forget that we have chosen the entrepreneur as the designated path that this is when we will feel the stress points.

Personally, when I am connected to my end goal my end result, via my passion, then the steps and journey to get there  are much less of a concern.  The steps become details on my path to reach my end goal.

Now I do not suggest that you neglect your family, your children, significant other and paying work responsibilities.  I do suggest that you reconsider your resentment to the thought you have that they are your obstacle.

Another suggestion is to map out your steps to reach your image business goals, and put time frames on them.  Decide what you need to do and by when.  Share these steps with those close to you and perhaps you may find additional support from people and places that may surprise you.  You may create your own Growth Support Team.  People generally love to be a part of other people’s growth and development.  You are allowing them to contribute to you and your dreams.

Doing this basically transforms the relationship you have to what you thought was the obstacle (family, work, kids etc.) and converting them to being a part of the solution.  Try it out and see how it works for you.

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